Healthcare Highlights from IHEEM NI 2024


Healthcare Highlights from IHEEM NI 2024

WWe asked our Healthcare Leads for their highlights from the 2024 IHEEM NI Belfast Conference & Exhibition.

Our UK & Ireland Healthcare Leads Paul Cooper and Jonathan Blackhurst joined our regional Director for Ireland, Gavin McCausland to represent Wallace Whittle as we grow our presence in the healthcare sector within Northern Ireland.

The conference served as a platform to exchange ideas and insights with fellow industry professionals. Discussions on topics like the journey to net zero were particularly impactful. Chris Matthew from the Department of Health for Northern Ireland delivered a talk titled “Unlocking the Potential, the Passion, and the Commitment,” which covered the decarbonisation of the estate. This resonated deeply with our commitment to sustainable healthcare infrastructure and our ongoing projects with health trusts across the NHS estate.

“The informative presentations on Procure 23 and the New Hospitals Programme were a couple of favourites that gave a great insight into the progress of the NHP and the toolkits procure 23 provides for project success.” Jonathan Blackhurst, England Healthcare Lead.

Helen Sturdy, from NHS England, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the first day, focusing on the new NHS Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Toolkit. She emphasised that “the new NHS Modern Methods of Construction Toolkit and accompanying User Guide are intended to provide a framework and key themes to create a coherent Modern Methods of Construction strategy.” At Wallace Whittle, we have extensive experience with MMC with the imminent handover of the new Surgical Centre for NHS Golden Jubilee, a facility designed from the ground up to fully utilise Modern Methods of Construction.

NHS Golden Jubilee

“It was a great couple of days in Belfast seeing the importance that is being placed on healthcare by IHEEM NI and the local Trusts and delivery partners.  I was particularly impressed with the talks that were put on looking to receive knowledge and lessons learned from other parts of the UK on their healthcare programmes.” Paul Cooper, Scotland & Ireland Healthcare Lead.

Eamon Sullivan and Alpa Patel, from the New Hospital Programme, delivered a fantastic presentation on the first morning, with a particularly compelling discussion. They explained that “Hospital 2.0” is a standardised design for future hospitals, which will benefit patients and staff through digital solutions and optimised hospital layouts. This approach aims to decrease the average time required to develop and build hospitals while also reducing costs through economies of scale. 

While there are challenges in implementing repeatability and standardisation for MEP services in a healthcare environment, Wallace Whittle has extensive experience in this area. Our ongoing design for the Monklands Replacement Project is a prime example of how we effectively utilise repeatability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. To find out more about some of our processes, read our piece on Ceiling Coordination.


Monklands Replacement Project

At Wallace Whittle, our dedication to healthcare engineering excellence is unwavering. With 20+ years experience within the industry, we specialise in designing and optimising HVAC systems, electrical infrastructure, water management, and all crucial components for the efficient operation of healthcare facilities.

Moreover, sustainability is at the forefront of our approach. We prioritise green energy solutions and employ innovative practices to minimise environmental impact.

“We had a great time meeting with different healthcare clients and introducing them to Wallace Whittle’s healthcare knowledge and experience in Scotland, England, and Ireland. We are looking forward to strengthening these relationships in the healthcare industry as we expand our Belfast office!” Gavin McCausland, Ireland Director.

As we continue our commitment to supporting trusts and projects across the UK and Ireland, especially towards sustainability, Wallace Whittle remains dedicated to driving positive change in the healthcare industry.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project or to learn more about our healthcare expertise – [email protected]

Wallace Whittle’s Approach to Above Ceiling Coordination in a Healthcare Environment


Wallace Whittle’s Approach to Above Ceiling Coordination in a Healthcare Environment 

Our Approach to Above Ceiling Coordination in a Healthcare Environment 

Healthcare design and delivery is constantly evolving and now demands innovative approaches to coordination and communication. At Wallace Whittle, our BIM team plays a key role in this process, collaborating closely with engineers and partners to ensure seamless integration of building systems. Within the healthcare industry, where regulations exist to safeguard patients, early above ceiling coordination becomes fundamental.  

Prioritising patient care means that downtime for rooms or departments is not an option, therefore there is a significant focus, even during the early design stages, on delivering a design that allows for good access and maintenance that keeps the impact of the building users to an absolute minimum

Our team focuses on accommodating the requirements of MEP systems without compromising ceiling aesthetics or interfering with other building systems. Within healthcare, the sheer volume of systems means that there is a constant battle for space for the MEP services. A robust co-ordination strategy allows the space to be used as efficiently as possible, to allow the individual systems to be routed to where they need to go & be able to be constructed in a logical manner. This not only reduces risk to construction costs & programme, but also minimises the risk of errors. 

Through prioritising key components such as patient care, safety, sustainability, and cost efficiency, our teams can navigate the design process with precision and transparency, whilst adhering to current regulations and delivering results that exceed our clients’ & partners expectations. 

The healthcare industry has undergone massive changes in the aftermath of the pandemic, additionally the pandemic also altered our methods of co-ordination and communication. With our BIM team operating collaboratively across the UK already, our systems are optimised to allow clients and collaborators to access data quickly via the cloud, this removes the need for physical data transmission and eliminates the time required to manually process and audit information.

Our application of 2D & 3D software in the form of Building Information Modelling are powerful design management and coordination tools. BIM Models can be populated with valuable information that can then be analysed, driving a more effective design. Further developing this data in the later stages of design, fabrication and even construction provides our clients with data-driven information which can be valuable in operation and maintenance.  

Golden Thread

With patient care as a top priority within healthcare, a significant factor to consider with ceiling co-ordination is how information and data is recorded over time, and how it can be accessed in the future, should it ever need to be reviewed.

Golden Thread is a system our BIM team contributes to for one of our major healthcare sites, Monklands Replacement Project. It includes the information that allows someone to understand a building, and the measures needed to keep it, the people in and around it safe, both now and in the future. This is done through providing digital information, and describing the information management processes needed to identify, understand, manage, and mitigate building safety risks.  

This is especially important within healthcare as patient safety is paramount. Having a golden thread in place ensures that relevant information about these systems is stored accurately, safely and is also easily accessible for maintenance and for future reference.  

Digital Twins

With longevity and sustainability, a priority for many of our clients, our team can also support the implementation of Digital Twins. Digital twins allow you to visualise, monitor and optimise operational assets, processes, and resources by harnessing live data, even long after construction is complete. Digital Twins can help shed light on ongoing factors and even predict future data. This provides vital, real-time insights into performance and activity.  

At its core, a digital twin is essentially a ‘living’ version of the project and it’s a highly valuable addition to have. Digital twins offer healthcare facilities with the ability to visualise, monitor, and optimise their operations in real-time, leading to improved efficiency and sustainability. By harnessing live data and providing continuous insights into facility performance, digital twins support informed decision-making and proactive management of that healthcare environment, even long after our involvement. 

Why Wallace Whittle?

At Wallace Whittle we have a dedicated team of BIM technicians across the UK ready to co-ordinate with our engineers and third-party partners. Our technicians utilise the most modern technology to remove any time delays associated with data and information processing, whilst also prioritising the integrity of the building designs. Within healthcare above ceiling co-ordination plays a significant role in ensuring patient care and safety, Healthcare facilities are also subject to strict regulations and standards to ensure compliance with safety and quality requirements. ISO19650 is the key standard we align with and are audited against annually. We are also BIM Level 2 accredited, meaning our processes and procedures align with international standards.

This includes the strategic management of void spaces to accommodate essential components such as medical gas systems and ductwork crossover zones. 

When setting a void out, our team follows a systematic process that prioritises the sequencing of installations to optimise efficiency and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. For instance, in medical gas installations, voids are carefully planned and positioned to facilitate the final brazing process on-site, minimising disruptions and enhancing safety during construction. 

Similarly, in ductwork design, crossover zones are strategically identified and left open to streamline the integration of ventilation systems, aiding optimal airflow and environmental control within healthcare facilities. 

These considerations are our concern, they are the foundations of our co-ordination and collaboration. Our team are well versed in the complexities of above ceiling co-ordination and take pride in contributing to projects which unite multiple disciplines and provide design solutions efficiently and effectively.  

We are heading to Belfast for the IHEEM Conference & Exhibition May 14th & 15th, and we’d love to talk all things healthcare, visit this page for more info, or get in touch with our team today by emailing [email protected] 

Highlighting: Healthcare


Highlighting: Healthcare


Our experience in the Healthcare Sector spans over 20 years and is wide-ranging across new facilities and regeneration.

Since our last healthcare highlight we have seen the completion of Phase 2 of the Golden Jubilee Hospital with their Elective Care Centre, alongside the completion of The Crescent; a resource Centre in London, providing care to adults with disabilities. We’ve also seen significant progress in some of our other ongoing projects including Monklands Replacement Project!

Hospital Design & Engineering is at the heart of what we do, and as MEP consultants we consider HVAC systems, electrical systems, water, drainage, and other essential infrastructure to ensure seamless operation and efficiency of healthcare facilities.

We also prioritise green energy solutions, including Net Zero Carbon designs, optimising lighting systems, and implementing green building practices to reduce environmental impact and embodied carbon. Through assessing existing buildings and providing recommendations for renovations and improvements.

We’re heading to Belfast for the IHEEM Conference & Exhibition in May, and we’d love to talk all things healthcare, visit here for more information.

Wallace Whittle Expands with New Offices in Manchester & Birmingham and Welcomes New Director


Wallace Whittle Expands with New Offices in Manchester & Birmingham and Welcomes New Director

WWe're Growing!

We are expanding our presence in England with the opening of not one, but two new offices, and the appointment of a new Director. This strategic expansion of our operations in the North West and West Midlands mark a significant milestone in our growth trajectory, bolstering our national presence and allowing us to better serve our clients across the UK.

Having focused on organic growth in Scotland and Ireland, we are now venturing into new territory in Birmingham, alongside expanding our already well-established Warrington office with a new city centre space in Manchester. 

“We are proud to launch our new offices in Birmingham and Manchester,” said Allan McGill, Managing Director at Wallace Whittle. “These expansions signify a pivotal juncture for our company as we execute our growth strategies and extend our reach across the UK.” 

“Growth in England is pivotal to our Next Level aspirations for the company,” Allan added. “We are steadfast in our commitment to becoming a prominent player in the region, building upon our strong foundations in Scotland, Ireland and London.” 

Paul Dean, Manchester Director

Heading up the Manchester office is experienced Director, Paul Dean, whose wealth of experience and leadership will guide operations across both the Warrington and Manchester offices. Under his stewardship, Wallace Whittle aims to provide comprehensive regional coverage and deliver tailored solutions to clients in the Northwest of England. 

Paul said: “Having seen our success in the north-west grow during recent years thanks to our well deserved reputation for quality, innovation and delivery, opening an office in the centre of Manchester is a logical next step for our expansion as a business. With nearly 150 team members across Wallace Whittle, we’re perfectly placed to deliver quality on a wide range of project types, and this new office solidifies our recent growth.”

Darren Wright, Birmingham Director.

In Birmingham, we welcome Darren Wright as the new Director, leveraging his profound knowledge of the region to spearhead the establishment and growth of the office. Darren and his local team are primed to expand Wallace Whittle’s presence in the West Midlands and contribute to the company’s ambitious growth objectives. 

Darren, who previously served as Associate and Birmingham team leader at chapmanbdsp, expressed his enthusiasm about joining Wallace Whittle: “It’s a privilege to be joining an established brand in Wallace Whittle at such an exciting time and playing a key role in the expansion and growth plans within Birmingham and the wider central UK region. Promoting the company’s proud history of delivering quality of product and service is fundamental to maintaining our local existing client base and shaping relationships with new clients alike.”

The new offices in Birmingham and Manchester underscore Wallace Whittle’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to clients nationwide. With a current team of over 30 staff across central England, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities ahead as we continue to expand our numbers and presence, and make a positive impact across the UK. 

We have a strong track record of supporting and developing new offices from zero to £1-2m in just a couple of years -if you are looking for a new challenge, like Darren, get in touch in confidence with our Managing Director, Allan McGill – [email protected]

If you would like to have a chat about joining the teams either of our new offices, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or check out the roles below.

Shaping the Future at UKREiiF


Wallace Whittle at UKREiiF 2024

WWe are heading to Leeds for UKREiiF - will we see you there?

Hosted by the UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREIIF), the upcoming event stands as a pivotal platform where industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders converge to exchange insights and explore collaborative opportunities shaping the future of renewable energy and infrastructure investment.

Set amidst the vibrant heart of Leeds, from Tuesday 21st May to Thursday 23rd May, this annual gathering promises an engaging agenda. From keynote addresses to panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, it will encourage meaningful dialogue and drive actionable outcomes within the sector. With a keen focus on the latest trends, innovations, and investment strategies, we aim to gather invaluable knowledge and forge further strategic partnerships in this evolving landscape.

Our delegates, ready to contribute their expertise and perspectives, will engage in key discussions covering sustainability, market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and emerging technologies within renewable energy and infrastructure. But it’s more than just showcasing what we know—it’s about learning, collaborating, and growing together. Whether we’re sharing insights, brainstorming solutions, or simply swapping stories over coffee, we’re eager to meet with current and new connections.

We’re looking forward to the event, eager to catch up with many of our valued clients and collaborators, and explore new opportunities.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting over coffee or a drink, please reach out to our attendees below.

Darren Wright

Director, Birmingham

Paul Dean

Director, Manchester

Matt Graves

Director, London

Craig Robertson

Director, England

Stephen Osborne

Director, Edinburgh and Sustainability

Steven Dunn

Director, Scotland

WWe're going to IHEEM Northern Ireland


IHEEM, Northern Ireland

WWe are heading to Belfast for the IHEEM Northern Ireland Regional Conference & Exhibition.

As we continue to grow our Healthcare expertise from our Belfast office, we’re attending the Institute of Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management (IHEEM) NI Regional Conference this year, May 14th & 15th.

We are looking forward to attending the event, catching up with many of our valued clients and chatting over new opportunities.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting over coffee or a drink, please reach out to our attendees below.

Gavin McCausland

Director, Belfast

Paul Cooper

Director, Glasgow

Jonathan Blackhurst

Associate Director, Warrington

Engineering the Future: Greg Smart


Engineering the Future: Greg Smart

Engineering the Future: Greg Smart's Career Journey at Wallace Whittle

In an industry where convention often dominates, Greg Smart is a testament to the different pathways that can exist into the world of engineering.

Settled within our Aberdeen Office, Greg, now one of our brilliant Mechanical Engineers, brings a unique perspective shaped by over a decade of hands-on experience with Wallace Whittle. We recently spoke to him to delve deeper into his story, exploring the path to his apprenticeship and the insights he has gained along the way.

Having embarked on his engineering journey at 16, Greg is now a fully-fledged Mechanical Engineer with over a decade of work experience and his Honours Degree in Building Services Engineering, all before the age of 26.

“I joined Wallace Whittle in 2014 as a 16-year-old straight out of school. I always had an interest in technical work, but I knew I did not want to continue in full-time education, so the potential to gain a degree, whilst working full time was a big appeal.”

Coming straight from school, Greg spent time shadowing senior staff members, getting a grasp of the ropes, and leaning as much as possible. Gradually getting involved in larger projects and utilising tech.

“I was given proper responsibility on real tasks which was great, I began using IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) a lot, and over time, I got more involved in design work, helping with interesting projects.”

We prioritise the continuous professional growth of our apprentices. We offer various avenues for development, including weekly CPDs and fully funded further education opportunities. In Greg’s case, he embarked on a journey to obtain his HNC by attending college one day a week for two years, all while maintaining his employment with Wallace Whittle, before moving on to University.

“In 2019, I began working towards my degree in building services engineering on a part time basis at Glasgow Caledonian University, graduating in 2023. During that time, I worked on a variety of projects for our Aberdeen office.”

At Wallace Whittle, we provide a supportive environment for our staff to thrive and further develop, and with our apprenticeship schemes, our junior staff have room to learn, question and make mistakes.

“The company is more than happy to enroll you in college and university, while exposing you to a variety of projects to help you develop as an engineer. They also have an Academy development program which offers in house training and a clear route to progress within the company.”

Our Academy is our internal training initiative designed to foster growth across four levels, each tailored to address specific areas of development within our workforce. At level three, Greg aspires to move towards level four soon. Levels three and four are dedicated to mentoring and cultivating our mid-level engineers and managers, nurturing them into future leaders in both management and business.

Our dedicated staff also play an integral role in guiding our apprentices along their journey, offering support both professionally and personally. With a team of 130 professionals spanning across the UK, we are fully devoted to embracing and assisting our apprentices as they navigate their path to growth and success! As Greg reflects on his decade-long tenure, he highlights the invaluable support he received from fellow Wallace Whittle staff, particularly his colleagues in the Aberdeen office.

“Over the last 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to work with several highly skilled engineers within the company who have helped me massively. Particularly, my colleagues in the Aberdeen office have been incredibly supportive during my time here, particularly Derek Andrew, Brian Doyle, Kevin Milne, Scott Paterson and of course, Andy Forbes our Director.“

With 10 years at Wallace Whittle under his belt, we wanted to know what Greg sees for himself next in his career, from leaving school to now having a degree and a chosen discipline in mechanical engineering.

“There have been numerous people who have been supported through university by Wallace Whittle who have gone on to have very successful careers, and I hope to continue my progress within our Aberdeen Office.”

As our conversation ended, we asked Greg’s for his tips for those contemplating an apprenticeship or a career at Wallace Whittle:

“For anyone who does not see themselves staying in school or going straight into further education, joining Wallace Whittle is a fantastic opportunity to pursue a challenging, but rewarding career, all whilst still having the chance to go gain a degree through the company sponsored trainee/apprenticeship scheme.

It was the best decision I could have made! Also ask as many questions as you can, you can never ask too many questions”

Aspiring engineers, like Greg, are welcomed to join our dynamic team and embark on their own fulfilling careers through our apprenticeship programs.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards a rewarding career in engineering, we invite you to apply for our apprenticeship opportunities today! Applications are accepted year-round, with our primary intake window occurring during the summer months.

Visit: Apprenticeships at Wallace Whittle

Or get in touch to discuss your experience and let’s see how we can bring you on board, email [email protected]

Highlighting: Leisure


Highlighting: Leisure


Leisure spaces aren’t just places to relax and unwind—they’re the beating heart of communities. At Wallace Whittle, we understand the pivotal role these spaces play in shaping vibrant communities, and that’s why we’re dedicated to engineering leisure environments that prioritise comfort, enjoyment, and sustainability. 

More than just physical structures, leisure spaces serve as vital hubs where people come together to socialise, exercise or refresh. They foster community cohesion and mental well-being. In today’s fast-paced world, these spaces can be a sanctuary—a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with oneself and others. 

With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and community well-being, we’re engineering leisure spaces that stand the test of time, enriching lives and bringing people together. One of our recent projects, the University of St Andrews Sport Centre, achieved an Excellent BREEAM rating through Incorporating low carbon technologies along with passive low energy design. 

Some recent leisure projects include: 

    • Dundonald Links, Ayrshire 
    • Aberdeen FC Training Facility, Aberdeen 
    • Clydebank Leisure Centre, Clydebank 
    • Gleneagles Spa, Perthshire 
    • University of St Andrews Sport Centre, St Andrews 
    • Top Golf, Glasgow

And many more… 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project or to learn more about our leisure expertise – [email protected]

Shaping Future Leaders in Construction


Wallace Whittle Academy: Shaping Future Leaders in Construction

Developing in-house talent is key to future-proofing our operations.

Developing in-house talent is key to future-proofing our operations. Our Wallace Whittle Academy focuses on four unique levels across our people, each distinctly targeting different areas of development.

Level 1 – All staff members.

Level 2 – Junior staff members.

Level 3 – Aspiring staff members.

Level 4 – Future generation staff members.

At Level 2, our Academy provides a consistent base level of training for our junior members, who are generally newer to the industry. We offer them support and guidance through their development, providing a chance to enhance their skills and grow their knowledge, preparing them for their journey with Wallace Whittle.

The Academy not only covers University or College fees but also provides a comprehensive curriculum, including specialized training in various aspects of the construction industry. With degree apprenticeships, part-time university courses leading to professional qualifications, and an array of specialist training, our Academy ensures that young staff at Wallace Whittle have the tools they need for success.

Our juniors are not only provided with the technical training required to deliver project information but also how to deal with delivery to provide a quality service in a timely manner. This includes meeting with and hearing from some of our Main Contractor and MEP Contractor partners, Architects, Civil & Structural Engineers, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors to give a wider understanding of our industry.

Paul Hargreaves, Academy Manager commented “We have an excellent enrollment of level 2 Academy members from multiple disciplines, who are keen to learn and eager to develop, we feel it’s our duty to give them the opportunity they deserve, all they have to do is take it. We are already seeing great progress and feel that future projects will be in safe hands”.

As the industry undergoes changes and incorporates new technologies, our junior staff contribute a fresh perspective that plays a crucial role in futureproofing our methods and operations. We’re growing the next generation of Wallace Whittle engineers and staff, and we know the future of the company is in safe hands.

In line with expected growth across the business and planned offices in new locations we are forecasting to bring in a further 30 new junior staff over the coming three years with plans already in place to employ 10 degree apprentices throughout 2024 across the UK in Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Warrington and London.

If you want to be part of this exciting growth, there’s never been a better time to join our team. Visit:

Apprenticeships at Wallace Whittle

Careers at Wallace Whittle

Or get in touch to discuss your experience and let’s see how we can bring you on board, email [email protected]

Levelling Up the Next Generation at Wallace Whittle


Levelling Up the Next Generation at Wallace Whittle

Wallace Whittle is taking the lead in growing the next generation of engineers and designers, ensuring the future of our company is in safe hands. 

At Wallace Whittle, we are committed to supporting our junior staff financially while looking to attract and retain the best new talent in the industry. Demonstrating our dedication to the future, we’ve undertaken a ‘levelling up’ exercise, paying an average of over 40% above the minimum wage for our WW:Academy Junior Level 2 staff across the business on top of College / University and ongoing training investments.

This financial investment is not just about providing opportunities but also recognising and rewarding the hard work of our junior staff. As we navigate industry changes and embrace new technologies, the fresh perspectives of our junior staff play a crucial role in futureproofing our operations. Wallace Whittle is taking the lead in growing the next generation of engineers and designers, ensuring the future of our company is in safe hands. 

'Buy One Get Two Free'

In the recent period, we have taken significant strides in nurturing young talent by bringing on board over 30 new young staff since our MBO in 2021. As part of our commitment to driving this staff growth forward, we’ve introduced a unique initiative – a ‘buy one get two free’ offer. When a regional office hires a junior staff member, head office steps in to cover the costs for another two, encouraging the expansion of our junior team across the business with the company, covering the cost of their development years while providing additional training support via the Academy.

This initiative reflects our belief in the potential of new talent and our dedication to providing opportunities for growth. By doubling down on our commitment to junior staff, Wallace Whittle is ensuring a continuous influx of fresh ideas and perspectives that contribute to the dynamic evolution of our company. 

In line with expected growth across the business and planned offices in new locations we are forecasting to bring in a further 30 new junior staff over the coming three years with plans already in place to employ 10 degree apprentices throughout 2024 across the UK in Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Warrington and London. 

Join Our Team

If you want to be part of this exciting growth, there’s never been a better time to join our team. Visit:

Apprenticeships at Wallace Whittle

Careers at Wallace Whittle

Or get in touch to discuss your experience and let’s see how we can bring you on board, email [email protected]