Infrastructure Resilience: DataVita DV2 UPS Testing

Infrastructure Resilience: DataVita DV2 UPS Testing

Commissioning is an important part of completing any project but in a critical environment such as a data centre it is even more important that each item is first commissioned and then tested in conjunction with all other systems to prove the interaction in a number of failure modes. This is known as Integrated System Testing (IST). It’s a complex process of predictive response and recording that ensures reliability when it matters most.

DataVita’s new DV2 facility saw Vertiv’s first deployment of Lithium-Ion batteries in Scotland. A lot of consideration went into the specification of both the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and the battery as energy efficiency, space efficiency and safety were paramount. The UPS can operate at 97% efficiency on double conversion or 99% on dynamic online mode. Coupled with the energy efficiency of the battery arrangement, this will significantly reduce the operating efficiently and drive down the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Addressing concerns surrounding the fire risk associated with Lithium-Ion batteries, the specification called for additional safety measures. A robust battery management system prevents overcharging, deep discharge, and overheating to protect the batteries. Complemented by advanced fire detection and suppression mechanisms, these measures ensure not only the reliability of the facility but also the safety of personnel.

As part of commissioning, we load bank tested the Vertiv UPS – a task that presented unique challenges, especially considering the facility’s basement location.

The successful commissioning of the UPS allowed the facility to then move into full IST.

As the data centre landscape evolves, DataVita’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and safety measures sets a new standard for the industry. At Wallace Whittle, we’re experienced and ready to deliver robust data centre design.

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