Healthcare Highlights from IHEEM NI 2024

WWe asked our Healthcare Leads for their highlights from the 2024 IHEEM NI Belfast Conference & Exhibition.

Our UK & Ireland Healthcare Leads Paul Cooper and Jonathan Blackhurst joined our regional Director for Ireland, Gavin McCausland to represent Wallace Whittle as we grow our presence in the healthcare sector within Northern Ireland.

The conference served as a platform to exchange ideas and insights with fellow industry professionals. Discussions on topics like the journey to net zero were particularly impactful. Chris Matthew from the Department of Health for Northern Ireland delivered a talk titled “Unlocking the Potential, the Passion, and the Commitment,” which covered the decarbonisation of the estate. This resonated deeply with our commitment to sustainable healthcare infrastructure and our ongoing projects with health trusts across the NHS estate.

“The informative presentations on Procure 23 and the New Hospitals Programme were a couple of favourites that gave a great insight into the progress of the NHP and the toolkits procure 23 provides for project success.” Jonathan Blackhurst, England Healthcare Lead.

Helen Sturdy, from NHS England, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the first day, focusing on the new NHS Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Toolkit. She emphasised that “the new NHS Modern Methods of Construction Toolkit and accompanying User Guide are intended to provide a framework and key themes to create a coherent Modern Methods of Construction strategy.” At Wallace Whittle, we have extensive experience with MMC with the imminent handover of the new Surgical Centre for NHS Golden Jubilee, a facility designed from the ground up to fully utilise Modern Methods of Construction.

NHS Golden Jubilee

“It was a great couple of days in Belfast seeing the importance that is being placed on healthcare by IHEEM NI and the local Trusts and delivery partners.  I was particularly impressed with the talks that were put on looking to receive knowledge and lessons learned from other parts of the UK on their healthcare programmes.” Paul Cooper, Scotland & Ireland Healthcare Lead.

Eamon Sullivan and Alpa Patel, from the New Hospital Programme, delivered a fantastic presentation on the first morning, with a particularly compelling discussion. They explained that “Hospital 2.0” is a standardised design for future hospitals, which will benefit patients and staff through digital solutions and optimised hospital layouts. This approach aims to decrease the average time required to develop and build hospitals while also reducing costs through economies of scale. 

While there are challenges in implementing repeatability and standardisation for MEP services in a healthcare environment, Wallace Whittle has extensive experience in this area. Our ongoing design for the Monklands Replacement Project is a prime example of how we effectively utilise repeatability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. To find out more about some of our processes, read our piece on Ceiling Coordination.


Monklands Replacement Project

At Wallace Whittle, our dedication to healthcare engineering excellence is unwavering. With 20+ years experience within the industry, we specialise in designing and optimising HVAC systems, electrical infrastructure, water management, and all crucial components for the efficient operation of healthcare facilities.

Moreover, sustainability is at the forefront of our approach. We prioritise green energy solutions and employ innovative practices to minimise environmental impact.

“We had a great time meeting with different healthcare clients and introducing them to Wallace Whittle’s healthcare knowledge and experience in Scotland, England, and Ireland. We are looking forward to strengthening these relationships in the healthcare industry as we expand our Belfast office!” Gavin McCausland, Ireland Director.

As we continue our commitment to supporting trusts and projects across the UK and Ireland, especially towards sustainability, Wallace Whittle remains dedicated to driving positive change in the healthcare industry.

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