Wallace Whittle Academy: Shaping Future Leaders in Construction

Developing in-house talent is key to future-proofing our operations.

Developing in-house talent is key to future-proofing our operations. Our Wallace Whittle Academy focuses on four unique levels across our people, each distinctly targeting different areas of development.

Level 1 – All staff members.Level 2 – Junior staff members.Level 3 – Aspiring staff members.Level 4 – Future generation staff members.

At Level 2, our Academy provides a consistent base level of training for our junior members, who are generally newer to the industry. We offer them support and guidance through their development, providing a chance to enhance their skills and grow their knowledge, preparing them for their journey with Wallace Whittle.

The Academy not only covers University or College fees but also provides a comprehensive curriculum, including specialized training in various aspects of the construction industry. With degree apprenticeships, part-time university courses leading to professional qualifications, and an array of specialist training, our Academy ensures that young staff at Wallace Whittle have the tools they need for success.

Our juniors are not only provided with the technical training required to deliver project information but also how to deal with delivery to provide a quality service in a timely manner. This includes meeting with and hearing from some of our Main Contractor and MEP Contractor partners, Architects, Civil & Structural Engineers, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors to give a wider understanding of our industry.

Paul Hargreaves, Academy Manager commented “We have an excellent enrollment of level 2 Academy members from multiple disciplines, who are keen to learn and eager to develop, we feel it’s our duty to give them the opportunity they deserve, all they have to do is take it. We are already seeing great progress and feel that future projects will be in safe hands”.

As the industry undergoes changes and incorporates new technologies, our junior staff contribute a fresh perspective that plays a crucial role in futureproofing our methods and operations. We’re growing the next generation of Wallace Whittle engineers and staff, and we know the future of the company is in safe hands.

In line with expected growth across the business and planned offices in new locations we are forecasting to bring in a further 30 new junior staff over the coming three years with plans already in place to employ 10 degree apprentices throughout 2024 across the UK in Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Warrington and London.

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