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With the transition of workspace design to accommodate agile & hybrid working, staff wellbeing, smart technology and steps towards Net Zero Carbon it is important for any new office design to be able to implement these changes.

At Wallace Whittle we have all the skills and experience to design sector leading Grade A commercial office spaces that include all of the above.

Our commercial clients including Barclays, Virgin Money, Morgan Stanley, Royal London, Dublin Airport Central & Scottish Power HQ, have all utilized our expertise when designing their new spaces with Wallace Whittle.

Our office spaces provide:

  • Comfort and Functionality: via passive design and MEP engineering, including low energy HVAC systems, lighting and electrical installations.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Delivering Net Zero Carbon in operation with increasing focus on embodied and whole life carbon, as well as renewable energy, circular economy and ESG.
  • Safety & Security: Incorporating systems that ensure occupant and building protection.
  • Technology: Providing connectivity to optimise communication, agile working, seamless movement, energy consumption, use of space, air quality and visible sustainability.
  • Wellbeing: Designing human-centric spaces where people are stimulated, healthier, happier, and more productive as a result.

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