CFD Study for Monklands Replacement Hospital

CFD Study for Monklands Replacement Hospital

The heating solution for the Monklands Replacement Hospital project, of which we are providing M&E design and Sustainability consultancy, is using air source heat pumps (ASHP) located on the roof of the energy centre for the development.

To get a little technical, the ASHP are generating circa 16MW of heat, which we understand to be the largest array of units currently being designed in the UK. With the discharge air from the ASHP being around 7°C below the ambient temperature, we had concerns with regard to the micro-climate that would be generated around the ASHP and the possibility of re-circulation across the heat pumps which reduces the efficiency of the installation.

We commissioned a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study, working in collaboration with JG Consulting, to test design to achieve the optimum layout based on varying ambient temperatures, wind speeds from various directions as well as taking account of the impact of the adjacent buildings.

The study is ongoing but the initial findings are being honed to create the optimum configuration.

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