BIM Stage 2 Re-Verification

At Wallace Whittle, we pride ourselves on Quality of Product and Quality of Service.

Our Building Information Modelling (BIM) verification, is just one of the many ways we re-assure our clients that we have the in-house expertise to deliver BIM Stage 2 projects, in compliance with the RIBA stages and industry standards.

We have had another successful BIM Stage 2 Verification Audit, conducted by BSI (British Standards Institution). The audit, which took place on May 15th, 2023, has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to quality assurance, standardisation and the implementation of BIM processes.

This audit is a crucial evaluation of an organisation’s ability to adhere to industry standards and deliver high-quality products and services through the virtual construction process. The audit covered multiple projects within Wallace Whittle, ensuring compliance with BIM processes and the effectiveness of our BIM Standards.

Our experienced digital engineers utilise BIM from the early concept stages of projects, to visualise design intentions and make informed decisions. We use an in-house suite of standards, in conjunction with powerful BIM authoring software, to build our design within a 3D environment which we are then able to share with our design partners to provide the process with an efficient means of communicating information.

Our ability to work in this manner allows our design to be passed on to the construction phase adding value & support to such things as offsite project management, reducing abortive time on site and avoiding re-design resulting in waste materials.

Our experience integrating data into our models at the design phase provides our clients with the option to develop progressive operational data which assists with future aspects of the project, providing a full audit trail which lays the foundations for digital building asset management.

The auditor’s attention to detail was thorough and throughout the audit evidence was reviewed to verify the implementation of BIM processes across various projects. The feedback received regarding our BIM Standards was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the dedication and hard work put in by the team.

Paul Hargreaves, Associate Director, Paul Underhill, Associate BIM Technician and Andrew Masson, Senior BIM Technician, played crucial roles during the audit, which was overseen by our Quality and Standardisation Manager, Raymond Kelly. Their expertise in navigating through our systems and processes, and ease of guiding the auditor to the required evidence were instrumental in the successful outcome.

As a result of the audit, Wallace Whittle has achieved re-verification of its BIM Stage 2 for another year.

This achievement is a testament of everyone within the Wallace Whittle team, It demonstrates our dedication to maintaining high standards, delivering quality products and services, and a consistent approach to applying BIM processes.

Receiving this verification with no non-conformities for the 7th year running, demonstrates the maturity of our capability and expertise of our team. We are committed to ongoing excellence and will continue to push the boundaries of quality in the construction industry. The upcoming year will bring new challenges, but with the same level of dedication and adherence to standards, we are confident in our ability to excel.

If you want to chat with us further about BIM, drop us an email to [email protected]