Recruiting and training tomorrow's directors

Job Description

Job Title: Leader – Graduate Development
Directly reports to: Managing Director
Location: Flexible
Salary: £20,000 pa / part-time hours

Position Summary:

We’re after experience, not qualifications, although we don’t mind a few of those. Somewhere you’ve learned how to facilitate groups: large, small, newbies or execs. You’ve found the tools like the MBTI and the games and exercises from school, sport, theatre, management … And you’ve learned about people and how to handle them: active listening, emotional honesty, unconditional positive regard …

And as well as people, you’ve learned about business – what makes it work, or not. You’ll have helped build some, or watched others run them badly. And you enjoy passing this experience on, helping others learn.

If you’ve got all this under your belt before you’re 50 we’d be surprised, but not dismissive. We’re thinking you might be retired but looking for something to do a couple or three days a week, in your own time.

So who are we?

Wallace Whittle are one of the leading building services consultancies in Scotland, with a reach into England that needs expanding.

Why do we want you?

Engineers are a vanishing breed so we are going to grow our own. Working with universities and apprentice schools we’re going to hire 10 every year. We’re going to move them round departments and offices. Later, we’re going to second them to clients, arrange exchanges and look to you for further ideas to develop them – and the business. Adding 10 achievers a year is going to need expansion, of every sort.

What will I do?

You’ll be the anchor for the programme and the coach for the grads. You’ll be scheduling everything and battling project managers who don’t want to take on trainees and then don’t want to lose them once they’ve become useful. It’ll help that you answer to the managing director. You can’t use that all the time but your diplomacy will cover the rest.

Have you stories to tell us?

Stories that show you’ve got the experience, the attitudes and skills for this job? If you would like to apply, send your stories and we’ll let you know within a week if you are a contender. Attach your CV. Don’t bother polishing it, it’s just the basics we want. No CV? We only need education and experience – with rough dates.

And you may have some idea where these skills and attitudes came from: work ethic from Mum; empathy from Dad; common touch from being one of a big family. Tell us more stories…

If interested, email Brian Chandler direct at – we’ll get back to you quickly.